To The Beat is a dance and Pilates studio for all ages and abilities. We believe movement is inherent in all of us and is centered around a profound mind-body-core connection.

Kids love to dance! From Mommy & Me style dancing to older kids and teens, we inspire all ages to move their bodies! At To The Beat, we remove the stress of a traditional dance class by structuring all classes in a non-competitive, follow-along manner so that everyone participates at their own level. Dancing is naturally a great cardio workout! Dance of any style will improve balance, stamina coordination and strength.

To The Beat also offers movement classes for expecting mothers, postnatal recovery programs as well as dance for seniors. Low-impact dancing, without jumping, stomping or twisting, is known to reduce chronic pain, improve mental health, stabilize joints and promote healthful habits.

A healthy body starts from within. Mat Pilates is a system of controlled movements using gravity and resistance to tone important core stabilizing muscles from the inside out. Without weights or complicated equipment, Pilates is well-known to increase mental awareness of core muscles you never knew you had! People who start a mat Pilates program have seen improvement in overall spine health, soothe back pain, improve posture, increase muscle tone throughout the body as well as improve flexibility and an overall sense of well-being.

Our Story

Rosalie Ezekiel, founder of To The Beat, is a dancer at heart. She was classically trained in ballet from a young age and has performed and taught most types of dance including ballet, modern, and world rhythms including Ukrainian folk dance. After working as a professional ballet dancer, Rosalie became an architect, and opened her own practice in the Atlanta area.

Rosalie fell in love with dance fitness one day when she stepped in to teach her daughter’s Pre-K Zumba class. She was overwhelmed by the kids’ energy to dance (and sing!) to popular songs and inspired by their ability to mimic movement. From there Rosalie developed her dance routines by incorporating her ballet training along with her love of world rhythms and hip-hop moves to inspire others to get up and dance!

Rosalie trained in mat Pilates in the early 1990’s as part of her professional ballet career. She re-discovered it’s mind-body-core benefits as an adult and mother of three. Rosalie is committed to introducing others to the profound benefits of mat Pilates.